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7th-12th CLASSES




We will dive into several aspects of photography. From light study to editing and portfolios, this is a great class for those wanting to broaden their understanding of a camera and the beauty it captures.


Clothes Repurposing

Want to learn to use your creative eye to make something new out of the old? This class will teach you to use old fabrics/ clothing and turn them into a new clothing piece.  


Creative Worship

This discipleship class will walk students through a lifestyle of full worship through different creative means. Things such as print making, creative journaling, music and adventure are a few of the ways we will learn to fully worship the Father. 


Leadership Training

Every child of God has a beautiful purpose to walk on this earth. Teaching them to take chances, fail, learn from it and keep going develops strong leaders.  We believe in a culture of encouragement and equipping students to gain confidence in running after the tasks ahead of them. 

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 

3 John 1

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